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Riemer Wien

Ladies leather gloves brown made of reindeer leather

Ladies leather gloves brown made of reindeer leather

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Ladies suede gloves I from Riemer Wien I new collection I large selection I safe purchase I leather gloves ladies I made of reindeer leather I in taupe brown I lined I with cashmere I sporty quilted seams I medium length I high-quality workmanship I robust leather I ladies gloves suede I cashmere lined I in noble taupe I buy online now I New in I at C. Strauch I

  • Ladies gloves
  • made of reindeer leather
  • in taupe brown
  • suede
  • sporty quilting
  • tone in tone
  • 30cm long
  • extends over the wrist
  • fed
  • robust leather quality
  • in EU glove sizes
  • 100% reindeer leather
  • 100% cashmere lining
  • Made in Austria
  • free delivery & returns
  • fast delivery
  • more selection of Riemer women's gloves
  • You can find inspiration for these outfits in our posts on Instagram
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