Designers AZ

Designer fashion in Wels. C. Strauch has been presenting international fashion labels with a focus on Italian designer labels for over 20 years. Highest craftsmanship in combination with the best quality. For us, this is the demand for fashion 100% Made in Italy.

This living tradition can be found in the small manufactories of Italy.

Names like Fabiana Filippi , ETRO , Antonelli Firenze , Rosso35 , AGL have accompanied our collections for decades. Fashionable designs paired with timelessly beautiful knitting techniques and qualities result in unique pieces in these collections.

Models that are still a pleasure to wear for years to come.

The sustainable qualities are new. They are increasingly becoming the focus of our suppliers.

In view of the necessity in terms of the sustainability of textile products, this is a consistently logical step.

Designer fashion - is not "made in China" mass-produced goods. Rather, they are unique pieces that have been made with a lot of time, love and care. Just to give pleasure for a long time.

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