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Pomme D'or - exclusive shoe fashion from Italy

Pomme D'or shoes I the new HW models I with a large selection I order online I
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What makes Pomme D'or models so special?

  • 3 Brothers
  • 40 people
  • 50 individual work steps
  • 160 styles

The new HW models I

  • low boots with sporty lasts
  • Ankle boots with a feminine shape
  • sporty boots with treaded soles
  • the popular moccasin shapes
  • and of course noble senakers

Pomme D'or shoes I shoes with the highest standards I

  • incredibly comfortable to wear
  • soft glove leather qualities
  • high quality
  • new & extremely light sole shapes
  • vegetable leather tanning
  • special colors

Discover the new collection of Pomme D'or I
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Our impressions of the new shoe fashion

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