Le Tricot Perugia fw21 fashion online. Die neue HW Mode bei C. Strauch

Le Tricot FW 2021 - the new collection

Le Tricot Perugia AW 2021 - the new collection of the noble knitter from Italy!

The new fashion presents itself softly in the colors and silhouettes of a late summer evening.
The noble and soft fabrics allow gently flowing silhouettes.
New lengths and widths in the pants give the looks a fashionable twist.

The new collection is made exclusively in Italy.
It goes without saying that the attribute "sustainable", which is so often overused today, has been lived and practiced at Le Tricot for decades.

In order to be able to "conjure up" such a beautiful collection, the use of yarns of the highest quality is required.
Their production is an art that only a few manufacturers in Italy have mastered.

The product made of exclusive materials and the highest quality craftsmanship are unique clothing items.
Models whose value you feel even more than you see.

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  • Le Tricot Perugia AW 2021 - the new AW fashion from Perugia - new in at C. Strauch!
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