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The 4th lockdown in Austria I begins on November 22nd
We are still there for you I

  • our web shop is always open I 7/24
  • Processing time of one working day from order
  • Shipping within 72 hours
  • click & collect possible
  • Telephone appointments and inquiries
  • Mon - Sat from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m
  • +43-(0)664.52 089 52
  • Mail contact INFO@STRAUCH.AT
  • quick processing of your requests

We strive I know but also I

  • online can never replace trying it out on site
  • Images can never reflect the real color experience 100%
  • the feeling of the fine qualities is completely missing

Therefore our offer I

  • free delivery & return of orders
  • 3 weeks return period
  • Telephone availability for queries
  • Fast & uncomplicated returns processing
  • Purchase on invoice
  • detailed information on the delivery status of your shipment
  • personal contact during the ordering process
  • safe purchase
  • Insured shipping

Our wish from C Strauch I

We cannot estimate the developments of the next few weeks.
But we can try to make the best of it.

  • times online at the dealer "around the corner" buy
  • Gifts "Made in Europe" - ultimately support us all
  • try click & collect - can be really fun
  • look in the display of the retailers for QR codes

Our vision I to get out of this situation better I

PS: WE ALL have created certain dependencies on other states. Now it's time again - time to think ABOUT THIS

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